* EAST SIDE GALLERY – A large part of the Berlin wall that remains and has been turned into an incredible art gallery. Must see.
* TIERGARTEN – after walking around the park have a great coffee or lunch at this amazing gem right in the middle of Tiergarten. Cafe am neun sie.

I don’t need to tell you that Berlin has a lot of history. I would highly, highly recommend talking a walking or bike tour. They are fascinating and I think its crucial to really understand the city. Plus you dont have to worry about finding stuff by yourself on a map all day and then wonder what the hell it is you are looking at! Try the Insider Tour or the Fat Bike Tours. They have several options ever single day. I would highly recommend the cold war tour.

* TEMPLEHOF AIRPORT – Hilters airport remains totally intact but the space itself is a sprawling public park that was hard fought against corporate interest by local Berliners to keep it a public park. Its one of the most Berlinery things you can do today. Grab a beer from the Spati (its the local corner shops pronounced SHPAATEEE) and a sandwich and chill the

hell out in one of the community garden spots. Anyone can sit there, dont miss this. P.s. Did I mention you can drink BEER ANYWHERE IN THE CITY??

Trabi Tour – Do it! http://www.trabi-world.com/

Boat Tour
A one-hour boat tour starting and ending at the Hauptbahnhof pier, offered by Reederei Riedel for 12 euros a person (about $12.75 at $1.07 to the euro), allows you to take in the city’s historic center while relaxing with brezel and bier.

* On the weekend there is a huge fleamarket here. Speaking of, Berlin is known for its amazing flea markets all over the city. Winterfeldplatz and

Gorlitzer Park
Good hang spot – have a beer at Das Edelwiess.


I would highly recommend renting a bycicle for the week. Its pretty cheap and it is by far the best way to see the city. Berlin is a bikers city, so there are tons of bike lanes to give you a smooth stress free ride, the cars also adhere to cyclist first, it is so fun. Here are a couple of places you can all to rent a bike. So in short, rent a freaking bike! 🙂